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SAFe Overview Quiz

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Which statement is true about the PI Planning event?

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SAFe Provides 4 Configurations to adopt for an organisation.  What is the bare minimum configuration needed?

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What are the core elements of Scaled Agile Framework? (Choose 3)

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Iteration planning, Iteration review, and backlog refinement are examples of which type of event?

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What is the recommended size of an Agile Team?

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What backlog items are part of the Solution Backlog?

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From Scaled Agile Framework perspective, Which two statements describe the responsibilities of the Product Owner? (Choose two.)

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Which activity is key to successfully implementing the Scaled Agile Framework?

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The Agile Release Train aligns teams to a common mission using a single Vision and what else?

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An Agile Release Train (ART) consists of ________ Teams?

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An Agile Team is starting their SAFe Journey, all their prioritized work items for the PI are placed in _______ Backlog.

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Which statement describes a cadence-based PI Planning event?

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Who or which group is responsible for providing architectural guidance to the Agile Release Train?

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What is the role of the Release Train Engineer?

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Which events are part of Agile Release Train (ART) Sync

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